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Lumina Journal

Sep 30, 2019

George Saunders discusses the importance of humor, the myth of bad story ideas, trusting the subconscious, and the “great relief” of his writing life in this final episode of season one.

George Saunders is a Syracuse University graduate and professor of creative writing, the author of the short story collections

May 1, 2019

Part two of our genre-specific series. LUMINA’s Poetry Editor, Anna Binkovitz, and sam sax, discuss poetry craft, the intersections of community and creation, and what it means to embody the heritage of Judaism while eschewing a Zionist framework. Also discussed: sweaty basements, tiaras, and pigs. 

Theme music by...

May 1, 2019

In our curated poetry content episode, Assistant Poetry Editor Brynn Bogert invites three Sarah Lawrence graduate poets to share current work and to discuss the various facets of their pieces in casual post-reading interviews. We hear from Shuang Ang, Emma Stewart, and Lucy Walker. Throughout these poems, a sense of...

Apr 24, 2019

Firefly is excited to launch our spring genre-specific series. This episode is brought to you by Casey Haymes, LUMINA’s Nonfiction Editor. Last month, Casey brought to the studio three Sarah Lawrence MFA writers with distinct voices, whose pieces all happen to orbit a unifying question: what does it mean to be

Apr 19, 2019

LUMINA Journal’s Nonfiction Editor, Casey Haymes, sits down with author Angela Palm to discuss the craft of memoir and essay: the power and pitfalls of accessing memory as a part of writing about trauma, how to experiment with time, and what the use of an exclamation point! can say about our collective mental health....